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IMA Past State President

Do not ask what IMA has done for you; ask what you have done for IMA.

The following are beneficial factors that engulf an IMA member for his personal, professional family and social aspects as well

CME After completion of your professional education, IMA offers you CME by means of lectures and expertise from top doctors in the State. This forum proves as a laboratory to test various vital issues and to derive advantage of our prized profession.
ENRICH YOUR RESEARCH You are entitled to enhance your research aptitude by mobilization of IMA resources.
PRESENT TO PROSPER This forum offers you endless opportunities to prepare, present and publish your research papers and other interesting and beneficial study materials.
SHARE TO SHINE Though you may update your knowledge via the internet, magazines, journals etc., IMA facilitates agenda for doctors in creating opportunities for discussions and deliberations, to share and have debates and round-tables over a variety of essential subjects and day-to-day problems in your practice.
TOUR TO STUDY You shall gain access to many hospitals all over India during your study tour through IMA.
VOICE YOUR SKILLS IMA makes you amply competent and showers you with confidence to shed your inhibitions and go all out in addressing your thoughts
VOCATIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT The forum offers you plenty of probabilities to exhibit your extraordinary expertise and get them recognized by the society as well.
LEAD FROM THE FRONT IMA positively offers tremendous opportunities to develop your leadership qualities and increase your interpersonal relations. This will prove to be a lot more useful in your personal life as well.
REFER TO WHOM YOU PREFER IMA will provide you with instant access to your co-doctors all over the state by means of its collection of contacts and addresses. The forum also proves to be an able-handed instrument in discussing and treating problematic patients and referring them as well.
JOURNALS IMA members are provided with the opportunity to make avail of a periodical central IMA Journal and a State IMA Journal, along with other important journals.
PRACTICE UPLIFTMENT It is in this forum that you have many opportunities to improve your practice, as your expertise is made known to all by various modes of Communication.
PERSONAL UPLIFTMENT Your personal esteem and dignity will find a new high when you interact with members and exhibit the best of your human relations.
ULTRA UPDATE As a member of IMA, you are automatically eligible to be updated with any change in the policies and regulations of the government.
MEET YOU MATE IMA gives you an incredible opportunity to take off time and get together and make friends, amidst a grinding daily schedule.
SUPERIOR CITIZEN Your personality as a constituent in the community will definitely be bolstered when you are looked at as a member of IMA by the general public.
YOU DESERVE IMA gives you an elite representation everywhere and makes you dignified on lots of societal occasions. You become one of the most sought after member by various social service and voluntary organizations.
SAVIOUR IN CRISIS IMA is undoubtedly a saviour in a crisis, as its unity is strength. It is through a co-ordinated effort that IMA stands up and delivers in an emergency.
COLLECTIVE BARGAINING There is a immense scope for the betterment of our collective bargaining capacity by way of our IMA co-operative / supportive society. You are also bound to be financially benefited when you go in for purchases of equipment, etc.
SERVICE IS GOD Service to humanity, done by an individual may be curtailed. As an association, IMA can cater medical services to many a cross – section of people in the society. IMA provides avenues to its members to cater to humankind and also to put their profession to the best of use to the world. By this way, a member gains and preserves the goodwill and blessings of many a needy lot.
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Numerous projects for the welfare of the community are being done in co-operation with IMA Members can participate in the forum's free medical camps, awareness camps and other voluntary services done for the poor and needy.
ENSURE TO INSURE All your legal matters will be taken care of by means of our PPLSSS.
PROTECTOR Members are insured against misfortune in terms of PERSONAL protection, FAMILY protection and HOSPITAL protection by means of IMA Schemes.
QUACKERY ERADICATION IMA will constantly fight against quackery.
UNION IS STRENGTH IMA's strength is in its unity and this union will always support you to the hilt, come what situation may.
VIP CONNECTIONS Problems, relating to practice and personal, will be solved at the earliest by way of IMA's connection with stalwarts in every town.
JOB ON HAND IMA also offers good scope for employment opportunities to the dependants of members.
PRIVILEGES IMA offers you many privileges in the corporate world and as a member; you are entitled to enjoy the benefits by way of several discounts on various commodities.